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Welcome to “Harry Potter Notes”!

I like episodes that turn into epics, and I think that the Harry Potter series is one of the best around! These sorts of extended stories give a chance for us to read and see how characters develop over time, and how their strengths and challenges affect the action and interactions as the plotline unfolds. The longer things go on – as long as the people and plot deserve to hold our attention – the more likely we are to find slices of our own lives within their story.

I also like to see how creators slant their creation to make it accessible to a variety of people. This blog actually began as a case study in how the developers of the Harry Potter book products and films created both a full range of marketing approaches and concrete media items that appeal to different learning styles. It may not have been the overt intent of those involved to adapt their approaches to different ways people learn best, but I am intrigued that it apparently happened anyway. I was curious to find out what was produced and how. Also – since I am a student of social change and the future – these excursions into Harry Potter’s world led me to be interested in assessing some of the cultural impact that values interwoven throughout the Harry Potter series has already had on our societies, and how that may play out in the future.

So, given the original intent I had, it should make sense that this site won’t address everything that Harry Potter fans might be interested in. I was selective because that’s what my purposes and PayPal account would allow. So – here is generally what you will find within this site.

  1. Descriptions, images of covers, and/or links for primary or official “source” materials (books, audiobooks, films/DVDs, and soundtracks). These directly present or re-present the storylines of the various books in the Harry Potter series.
  2. Descriptions, images of covers, and/or links to artwork, photographs, posters, awards, and other materials that are either taken directly from the books or movies or closely associated with them.
  3. Secondary sources – mostly books, press kit and promotional materials, and presentations like DVD special features – that analyze and interpret various aspects of individual books or movies in the Harry Potter series. Because the book series was issued between 1997-2007, a number of unofficial sources attempted to help readers think through what clues the most recently released book held for the overarching series, and speculate on the unfolding plot and its eventual conclusion.
  4. Key websites brings together a range of online sources for primary and second sources, related products, official exhibitions, and the like.
  5. Materials and memorabilia related to Universal Studios creating the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, and Warner Brothers creating The Making of Harry Potter studio tour.

Once I’ve uploaded the content, I don’t expect to expand it a huge amount or to post entries on any given schedule. (I have other media site projects in the works.) The only thing I plan on being as complete as possible on is the Marketing Case Study on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I’ve designed that to become a sort of “visual checklist” and description archive for the many different kinds of publicity materials and media used for marketing a film – from the development and concept art stage, to promotion and pre-theatre release stage, to post-release awards season, to DVD and soundtrack releases. So, as I pick up additional bits and pieces from eBay and elsewhere, I’ll add those in. (I regret that I cannot respond to requests for information about the current value of items, as I don’t have time available for that kind of research.)

Meanwhile … have some fun here seeing what’s available, and explore some of the resource links as a DYI (do-it-yourself) study in how Harry Potter media has shaped and continues to shape our futures, and what that could mean for social change, new “epic franchises,” and perhaps some very unexpected developments …

… and so, with all that in mind and six months of tinkering with this site, I am launching on 27 March 2011, a day which holds significance as it would have been the 51st birthday of James Potter (1960-1981) ~ father of one Harry James Potter.

P.S. This is a fansite. It is not officially authorized or endorsed by Ms. J.K. Rowling, the publishers of the Harry Potter books, or the production companies for the Harry Potter films. I have sought to present material here with ethical usage. (For details on what I mean by that, see the About page.) However, I am not a lawyer or a professional publisher and probably make mistakes at times. If I’ve accidentally overstepped boundaries, or if you have corrections or additions to site information, please let me know through the Contact page, and I’ll take care of changes as quickly as possible.

P.P.S. I have used the Hocus Pocus font for the titles on this website. This font – with its four variations – was developed by typographer David Occhino, and is available by license. (See the Fonts page for a few more details.) Also, Mr. Occhino was kind enough to produce the graphic of the castle and lake at Hogwarts, for use by Hocus Pocus licensees. I adapted this for the main masthead of the Harry Potter Notes blog.

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